The city – full of impressions

There is a veritable flood of stimuli in cities. A wonderful diversity, rich in languages, cultures and people. It’s inspiring, I draw it in, but it’s also distracting, awakening a hunger for tranquility. I find it important to filter the abundance of impressions to find what’s significant. To experience the tranquility of the heart in the middle of the city is a battle at times.

Some musical styles like jazz are inexorably linked to an urban context. A portion of my musical education took place in cities, in Graz, for example.

Cities pulsate, modern yet steeped in history. They’re full of life – I’m part of that life. Sometimes. It flows into me as an inspiration and flows out again through my instrument.

“... with his empathy, sensitivity and his large and truly exceptional repertoire, Edgar has always succeeded in captivating every audience and generating unbridled enthusiasm. Simply Unterkirchner!”

Karin Auer (Sympos Veranstaltungsmanagement event management, Vienna)