Award in New York for film score

The film “Drawing Against Oblivion” has received the “World Gold Medal” in three categories at the New York Festivals.

At this year’s New York Festivals, Best TV & Film, the documentary film dealing with Manfred Bockelmann’s moving project, “Drawing Against Oblivion,” has been awarded the “World Gold Medal” in three categories:

  • Best Documentary Film
  • Best Camera
  • Best Film Score

The nomination and award in three categories at the same time speaks for the quality of the team that did the work. The film score, in particular, was created in very close cooperation with the director, Bärbel Jacks, producer David Kunac, cutter Georg Fischer, Manfred Bockelmann and me as composer and musician.



“Sometimes, the notes are just a breath, blown gently into life or made to resonate so uniquely that you are convinced you can feel the music.”

Bärbel Jacks, director
(About working together on the film “Drawing Against Oblivion”)