• Wandern im Wald
  • Mondnacht. MGV Kaning Choir / Edgar Unterkirchner
  • Synkopen Boarischer
  • Hirter Beer Radio Jingle


Wandern im Wald


Musical paintings with Edgar Unterkirchner



Männergesangsverein Kaning men’s choir with Edgar Unterkirchner.

Synkopen Boarischer


Live recording of a concert in the Kulturstadl Maria Rojach house of culture featuring the Altsteirertrio Lemmerer and Edgar Unterkirchner.

Hirter Beer Radio Jingle


Commissioned composition for the image advertisement of the Brauerei Hirt brewery.

“Sometimes, the notes are just a breath, blown gently into life or made to resonate so uniquely that you are convinced you can feel the music.”

Bärbel Jacks, director
(About working together on the film “Drawing Against Oblivion”)