Moving music in moving pictures

 The melding of moving pictures with moving sounds creates new moods, tensions and harmonies. The transformation of pictures, impressions and moods into sounds, vibes and rhythms is one of my greatest passions. Acoustic images. Nuanced tones. Patterns of sound.

Drawing Against Oblivion


I composed the film score for “Drawing Against Oblivion” in close cooperation with the film team. I recorded most of the instruments myself. My music was awarded the Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals for "best original music", at the Global Music Awards for "best soundtrack" and "best listener's impact", at the filmmusicfestival Fimucinema for "best music in a documentary", at the Garden State Film Festival and many more.

Director Bärbel Jacks comments on working together


Edgar Unterkirchner composed the wonderful music for my film “Drawing Against Oblivion” and recorded most of it himself as well. I could not have wished for a more empathetic, creative musician – especially in light of this particularly sensitive topic.

Our collaboration was truly unique: when I described to him the images and scenes and the effect I envisioned them having, he transformed them into sound in a most congenial manner. First, he simply listened with an open mind and then went to work. The result has been phenomenally beautiful musical pieces that never force their way into the foreground, yet significantly heighten the film’s effect.

I was especially moved by the exceptional way in which he played the various woodwind instruments (such as saxophone and clarinet). Sometimes, the notes are just a breath, blown gently into life or made to resonate so uniquely that you are convinced you can feel the music.

Edgar Unterkirchner’s music can’t be put in a box. It’s moving, sometimes distressing, but it is also a good deal of fun. It’s very much the same as working with him.


David Kunac, Munich, producer


... for as long as I can remember, film scores have fascinated me and created the greatest resonance within me. I had often imagined an original soundtrack for one of my films, but was unable to describe it or to find it – until we encountered one another. Never before have compositions moved me in the way I have experienced with the score for DRAWING AGAINST OBLIVION. I bow before your sensitivity and your intuition and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tranquility, endurance and patience.
We made it, and it has more than paid off.
Your friend

“... I am still captivated by that wonderful performance of an alphorn and a saxophone ...”

Dr. Gabi Burgstaller (former provincial governor of Salzburg)