IL Canto Novosibirsk (Evgenia Alieva) 

Eduard Kutrowatz (piano) Edgar Unterkirchner (sax)

recorded live just with a pocket recorder 2016



James Moore, Edgar Unterkirchner: "Be still" live

Liverecording of James E. Moore's "Be still" - James Moore, vocals and piano, Edgar Unterkirchner, altosaxophon








Magnificat: Benedictines


The CD "Voices of God - Benediktiner" with the Benedictines was a commissioned piece on the occasion of the Europaausstellung 2009 (2009 Europe Exhibit) in St. Paul.
Edgar Unterkirchner as producer, composer and musician.

You can also find a sample here.

Edgar Unterkirchner -Music of Hope

James Moore, Edgar Unterkirchner - "Be still" live

Benedictines: Magnificat

“... with his empathy, sensitivity and his large and truly exceptional repertoire, Edgar has always succeeded in captivating every audience and generating unbridled enthusiasm. Simply Unterkirchner!”

Karin Auer (Sympos Veranstaltungsmanagement event management, Vienna)