IL Canto Novosibirsk (Evgenia Alieva) 

Eduard Kutrowatz (piano) Edgar Unterkirchner (sax)

recorded live just with a pocket recorder 2016



James Moore, Edgar Unterkirchner: "Be still" live

Liverecording of James E. Moore's "Be still" - James Moore, vocals and piano, Edgar Unterkirchner, altosaxophon








Magnificat: Benedictines


The CD "Voices of God - Benediktiner" with the Benedictines was a commissioned piece on the occasion of the Europaausstellung 2009 (2009 Europe Exhibit) in St. Paul.
Edgar Unterkirchner as producer, composer and musician.

You can also find a sample here.

Edgar Unterkirchner -Music of Hope

James Moore, Edgar Unterkirchner - "Be still" live

Benedictines: Magnificat

“You were born to play this instrument.”

Burki Maier (pensioner)