Acoustic Painting


Audio visual with paintings by Manfred Bockelmann.
Music: Manfred Bockelmann (piano), Edgar Unterkirchner (saxophone)

Acoustic painting workshop


ORF report on the program "Kärnten heute" about the workshop by Manfred Bockelmann and Edgar Unterkirchner with the KELAG Big Band.

Live in the Barn


The barn serves as Manfred Bockelmann’s atelier and work area.

Der Sammler der Augenblicke


“Collector of Moments” is a documentary by Helga Suppan about the artist, Manfred Bockelmann.
Broadcast on 2 October 2011, ORF 2
Music: Edgar Unterkirchner in cooperation with Roman Wohofsky



"Naturfenster an der Görtschitz". Permanent exhibition by the artists Pepo Pichler, Erwin Klinzer, Heinz Simonitsch, Wolfgang Walkensteiner and Manfred Bockelmann.
Audio visual by Manfred Bockelmann.
Photos: Manfred Bockelmann, Ferdinand NeumĂĽller.
Music: Antonín Dvořák/Edgar Unterkirchner.
Soprano saxophone: Edgar Unterkirchner.

In addition to the documentary film “Drawing Against Oblivion” which received awards in New York, I have carried out numerous projects in cooperation with Manfred Bockelmann. Some of them are presented here:

Acoustic Painting

Acoustic painting workshop

Manfred Bockelmann – Live in the Barn

Sammler der Augenblicke - Beginning

Sammler der Augenblicke - Conversation with Udo


“... Apart from your immense musical professionalism, I appreciate your gift of being able to tell stories with your sax and to intensify moods.”

Helga Suppan (editor, ORF)