This area presents a number of the people, projects and companies I am connected with and with whom I have been involved in various different ways.

Painter and photographer. Collaboration includes the projects “Drawing Against Oblivion,” “Sammler der Augenblicke” and “Acoustic Painting.”

Austrian soprano soloist active internationally. In addition to her Kurt Weill focus, she displays an exceptional deal of openness by singing Mozart operas just as beautifully as she interprets the music of great 20th century entertainment music divas.

Psychotherapist and theologian who has gained acclaim through his radio work including that for Radio Kärnten in Carinthia (Lebenswege) and Austria’s cultural radio station Ö1 (Gedanken für den Tag, Erfüllte Zeit). Collaboration for the audiobook, "Lebenswege” (“Life Journeys”).

Pianist. Collaboration includes the soundtrack for “Drawing Against Oblivion,” “Sammler der Augenblicke“ and “Voices of God: Benedictines.”

Roberto Bruttus, Italian instrument maker, inventor and visionary. Inspiring, fun and enjoyable. He blazes new paths without looking back and he made my “Soprano Lemon (unlacquered).”

Singer and songwriter. Album, “Thin Ice,” with Edgar Unterkirchner in the woodwind section.

Singer and songwriter. Album, "Almost Blue." Woodwind section with Edgar Unterkirchner.

“... I wish you continued success and above all, one thousand people that you can make as happy as you’ve made me with the way you play...”

Dr. Gabi Burgstaller (former provincial governor of Salzburg)